Fresh air conditioner3h cold and hot, plasma, smart inverter, WiFi

Fresh air conditioner3h cold and hot, plasma, smart inverter, WiFi

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Fresh air conditioning has many great features such as the tracking feature that works on the presence of a sensor on the remote, which allows it to measure the ambient temperature of the remote and send it to the air conditioner to set the best cooling degree for the place.

Fresh air conditioner provides you with the convenience of use and control, through the presence of the WiFi feature

Also, enjoy the economic operation feature when sleeping, which saves the largest amount of energy and gives the greatest amount of comfort during sleep.

This air conditioner from Fresh features an inverter feature that saves energy consumption by up to 50%.

This Fresh air conditioner features Freon R410A, which is environmentally friendly Freon.

Another great feature of Fresh air conditioning is that it works on the lowest pressure

Electricity, which greatly saves electricity consumption, which is one of the biggest advantages of Fresh air conditioners.

Buy a fresh air conditioner to get a cool and wonderful atmosphere to beat the summer heat

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