Unionaire Artify air conditioner2.25 horse cold hot inverter BLACK

Unionaire Artify air conditioner2.25 horse cold hot inverter BLACK

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  • 42,225

Electricity savings up to 40% to 50%

• Very elegant design to match any decoration.

• Energy saving.

• Ultra Quiet Operation.

Attractive LCD wireless remote control with high transmission capacity.

• PC-board technology for full control.

• The "dry" mode reduces water vapor by automatic drying.

• The "Sleep" mode provides a suitable sleep environment while saving energy.

• 24 hour programmable timer that controls the operating unit.

• Automatic and manual selection of the air outlet direction guide.

• Automatic selection of a fan speed of at least 3 stages.

Electronic system supports 3 minutes short circuit protection of the piston, which guarantees the integrity of the entire system.

• "Hydrophilic" fins in the evaporator.

• Self-diagnosis function.

• Efficient, easy to transport and clean air filters

Plasma air purification system "Ionizer Filter"

Ionic control feature.

• carbon filter.

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